Our shared memories: an application for families

A free application for keeping connection alive between residents and their families and ensuring direct contact with care teams. Download the application from Apple and Google stores or from notreespacefamille.fr.

Video calls made easy

Families can call family members in care facilities directly on their TVs and tablets using the web or mobile application. Ideal for staying connected and sharing family memories.

Messaging and photos

An easy way to for residents and families to exchange by sharing messages and photos. The Personalized newspaper for resident is a personalized newsletter where residents can enjoy a printed version of their family’s best memories at leisure.

Care facility news

Stay connected to your loved one’s care facility in real time. Keep up to date with facility news and information about everyday life such as menus.

A direct link with the care facility

Make contact with the care facility and receive personalized information about your loved one. A free, reassuring service.

Your aged care facility doesn’t have an application like Our shared memories for residents’ families?

Want services that ensure smooth contact with your loved ones and their facility (nursing homes, aged care facilities and retirement communities)? We can contact the care facility for you.

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