Aged care facilities/nursing homes

Digital bulletin board

With e-lio, you control the information broadcast on all the screens in your institution, with simple programs customized to the target audiences, whether they are residents, visitors, or staff.


e-lio is user-friendly. Create information and broadcast it to your target audience where they are.

Residents and/or families

  • Menu of the day or week (synchronization possible with your food provider)
  • Activities program for leisure and entertainment
  • Facility news, events, and providers
  • Practical and prevention messages
  • Photo albums, birthdays, etc.
  • Automatic content included in subscriptions such as block calendar, weather forecast, and radio programs.

No more double handling data! Information for digital display can be retrieved and broadcast in residents’ communal areas and/or in the family application.

For stadd and/or providers

For example, the staff screens in break rooms can provide information specific to your team such as HR issues, entertainment, safety and instructions.

Install staff screens in strategic locations to simplify and boost internal communication with e-lio.

How does it work?

Use e-lioManager to broadcast content. Configure information and select screens, times, order and frequency of broadcasts.


All the screens in the care facility can be connected to the system using the premise’s WiFi and the e-lioBox. Select information flow according to screens. For example, reception screens can broadcast a specific program for visitors. On the floors, screens can display floor plans and other specific information.


From a PC or mobile phone, the e-lioManager software offers simplified, centralised content management, with the possibility of scheduling all broadcasts in advance at specific times. For example:

  • broadcast a selected TV channel at 10am
  • broadcast the menu at 11.30am and 6pm
  • broadcast the entertainment program for the day at 9.30am and 2pm.

Screen themes can be customized. Simply select from the four pre-programmed themes or customize a theme with your facility’s visual identity. Screens can also be set to switch off, one by one, at specific times.

Connect to third-party services

e-lio automatically interfaces with your business software or suppliers’ APIs.

For example, to avoid double handling, if your food provider communicates menus to you via a digital service, this feed can be integrated with e-lio for distribution to residents or families.


Share content of information displayed on digital bulletin boards directly on residents’ personal TVs.

Internal TV Channel in nursing home

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