Home automation and connected objects… Interface e-lio with your systems and services

The e-lio platform features integrated video calling service, digital screens, and mobile applications. It is also designed to aggregate third-party services offered by other providers to centralize information and avoid layers of tools and double handling of data.

Facility services

ERP, health records management software, information systems, menu management software: e-lio interfaces with all types of third-party services to centralize information to optimize redistribution and avoid double handling of data.

Home automation

In addition to social connection and entertainment services, e-lio also links with all home automation services giving residents control from their TV or tablet.

Services for seniors

In facilities or elsewhere, services can be offered by provider companies and associations for meal deliveries, appointments, and more. e-lio integrates a range of diversified tools to simplify access and stimulate use.

Connected health objects

Just like home automation devices, e-lio also connects seniors’ health monitoring devices to notify abnormalities including oximeters, blood pressure sensors, connected lenses, and urine detectors.

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Opt for connected services and equipment for aging well. e-lio optimizes access to digital tools for seniors and boosts your development. With e-lio, facilitate access to digital aids for seniors and promote your development.

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