e-lio: innovative technology and simple to implement

e-lio technology is based on a software application with a strong and agile kernel and uses ergonomic hardware that is simple for seniors to use.

Social connections

e-lio enhances connection between residents, families and the facility using a range of devices including connected TV, dynamic screens in communal areas, and an application for families.


e-lio digital aids improve comfort for all concerned with dedicated interfaces adapted to each user, simplified home automation, and services scaled according to autonomy levels.


e-lio controls all devices from a single platform to monitor seniors and ensure their safety with inactivity alerts, concierge and caregiver calls, home automation, and more.


From residents’ televisions or tablets, e-lio makes it easy to remove doubts by videocall and to control connected objects or monitor health remotely…

White label

All digital services provided by e-lio tools can be customized to bear the care facility’s brand.


e-lio is not just another management tool. It connects to your business software and third-party services to centralize information and avoid double handling of data.

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e-lio avoids layered systems with a centralized, simple platform for management, staff, residents and families.

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e-lioManager software

e-lioManager software is a centralized digital data management platform. This innovative technology connects to your business software or third-party services to interact with their data (no more double handling). Configure and enrich data for dispatching adapted information via different communication channels to different audiences: residents, patients at home, families, staff, health professionals and external providers.

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With e-lio software, you can manage all your care facility’s digital data from a single, centralized platform:

Application pour les familles pour communiquer avec les seniors

Monitoring for administrators/CareManager, centralized administration, alerts, creation of secure logins adapted to users

Integrating third-party services, such as connecting to catering services to upload menus

Connecting to business software to avoid double handling

Broadcasting and interacting with all the applications and screens linked to e-lio

Connecting and interacting with home automation systems and digital tools

An application for families

Personalized with your care facility’s colors and completely free for residents, the shared memories application is a reassuring and supportive tool that gives families peace of mind. Video calls, messaging, and sharing photos.

Application pour les familles pour communiquer avec les seniors

An application for professionals

A work tool that streamlines information and saves time, making staff more available to residents. Video calls, messaging, internal memo notifications.

Technologies pour la communication des seniors en établissement ehpad ou résidence services

The e-lioBox

With innovative technology, the e-lioBox is simple to install. It converts any TV into a connected screen with access to all the content managed by e-lioManager software.
The device uses the care facility’s WiFi network and is preconfigured for the required use.

Technologies pour la communication des seniors en établissement ehpad ou résidence services

Connected TV in residents’ homes

Our team installs the device with a webcam (e-lioBox pack) to give access to video calls, entertainment, and other services.

More info on interactive multimedia for seniors

Internal TV channel

The device is preconfigured by our team for easy installation in the IT room. It broadcasts a signal on all the TVs throughout the care facility. No additional equipment is required in the rooms.

More info on creating your care facility’s own TV channel.

Information board, Staff screens, and animation platforms

With software preconfigured by our team, it’s easy to connect the device to any TV for access to all e-lio services.

More info on connecting screens in your care facility.

Liven up your care facility

Digital bulletin boards, in-house Gazette and TV channel e-lio simplifies communication with a comprehensive, centralized tool.

e-lio propose une plateforme animation pour les EHPAD

Keep social connections alive with digital tools for seniors

e-lio keeps solitude at bay for seniors by strengthening connections links with their families and facility providers with video calls, messages, photos, entertainment, and live facility news.

Maintenir le lien social en EHPAD

Propose facility services and home care

With e-lio, provide your full range of comfort, safety and health services and keep social connections alive both in your facility and at home.

Application pour les familles pour communiquer avec les seniors

Improve cooperation with teams and providers

Streamline access to dematerialized information by connecting all your in-house and external providers to e-lio and gain productivity and improve safety.

Application pour les soignants en EHPAD