Aged care facilities/nursing homes

Digital animation platform

Use a simple TV, either wall-mounted or on wheels, to offer digital entertainment and video calls to your residents.


The multimedia kiosk has three functions.

Entertainment and activities

A variety of games for use by staff to organize activities. Slide shows, photos and videos for activity organizers. There is also the possibility of showing a slide show, photos or videos to support a speaker.

Video calls

Keep in touch with families or to arrange appointments with outside providers. The digital animation platform has a very simple video-call function for your staff. Use a TV to display the call on a large screen with quality sound.


You can also schedule information to be displayed at scheduled times: such as the menu for the day or activity schedules. The platform can be programmed to simply to switch on or off and to diffuse the content of your choice when not being used such as a TV program, radio, or the facility’s photo album.

How does it work?

Easy installation by your team.

Simply connect a webcam and an e-lioBox to the TV. The box connects to the premises WiFi and you can manage all services using the e-lio software from a PC or from the e-LioPRO application.

Connect your care facility using a standard TV.

The e-lio system transforms a simple TV into a powerful communication tool with a video-call function.

In the free downloadable Our shared memories application, families can chat with their loved ones with optimal technical conditions.

The system also facilitates contact with external providers, including healthcare professionals. Video calls can also be used for organizing consultation appointments.

The TV or tablet can be wall-mounted or on wheels. Services can be distributed to a single person privately or to a group of residents or facility staff.


The multimedia kiosk is designed for shared and collective use throughout the facility. But the system can also be installed in each residents’ rooms or home.

Visiophonnie et divertissements pour les seniors

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