Aged care facilities/nursing homes

Track a senior’s location with the Click Nomad system

Reassure families and staff by tracking residents’ outings using a GPS and a radio link.


Mobile remote assistance

The device is given to resident’s when they exit the facility. If necessary, a maximum distance and time can be programmed to trigger an alarm if the resident leaves the perimeter or does not return at the scheduled time.

Equipped with an emergency call button, residents can easily contact the establishment by telephone if they have a problem. For their part, staff can geolocate the resident if necessary and initiate a call on the unit.

Intuitive remote assistance

An intelligent box linked to sensors is installed in each home. It monitors the resident’s lifestyle and alerts staff if an abnormal situation is detected: inactivity for several hours during the day, door open in the middle of the night, etc.

Staff or the remote assistance platform connected to the box can then easily contact the resident via an integrated loudspeaker.

How does it work?

During walks

The portable device, equipped with a GPS sensor and a SIM card, geolocates the resident in real time. This makes it possible to intervene quickly in the event of the slightest problem.


In the home

The device is equipped with a SIM card, a loudspeaker and a microphone for audio exchanges between the resident and the staff (or remote assistance platform). In addition, 4 sensors (movement and door opening) placed at strategic points in the home are also connected to the unit. Analysis of the activity of these sensors triggers alerts in the event of unusual behaviour on the part of the resident.


The e-lio system connects to all devices using a single interface: home automation, inactivity alerts, check-in video calls, connected objects for comfort and medical use (oximeters, blood pressure meters, urine detectors, etc.).

e-lio an innovative technology for seniors

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