Aged care facilities/nursing homes

Track a senior’s location with the Click Nomad system

Reassure families and staff by tracking residents’ outings using a GPS and a radio link.


Click Nomad is very simple to use for staff and seniors who benefit from more freedom of movement and optimized safety.

The device is given to resident’s when they exit the facility. If necessary, maximum distance and time can be programmed; an alert is triggered if seniors leave the preprogrammed perimeter or if they do not return by the scheduled time.

Click Nomad has an emergency call button to a preprogrammed telephone number in the facility for use in the event of a problem. Residents can also accept calls from the care facility.

How does it work?

All the facility’s Click Nomad devices are controlled using e-lio software on a PC or the staff application.


The device is equipped with a SIM card that tracks the senior’s location in real time. Assistance is quick in the event of a problem.


Installing the device is simple. Each device is connected and tagged in the e-lio software. With a minimum battery life of 12 hours, devices are delivered with a stand that also recharges the battery.


The e-lio system connects to all devices using a single interface: home automation, inactivity alerts, check-in video calls, connected objects for comfort and medical use (oximeters, blood pressure meters, urine detectors, etc.).

 e-lio une technologie innovante pour les seniors

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