Aged care facilities/nursing homes

Multimedia made easy: video calls and more

Video calls, entertainment, facility news, home automation management… e-lio makes digital easy for seniors.


e-lio keeps social connections alive, provides entertainment, and improves comfort and safety for users The system can be installed on any TV or tablet. Residents have access to a wide range of services:

  • Simplify video calls for family, staff, and providers.
  • Send and receive* text or voice messages and photos
  • Digital photo frame
  • Entertainment and games adapted to seniors
  • Consult the facility’s news: menu, entertainment, etc.
  • TV channels** and radio

Options for home automation management

The e-lio system can be used to control your facilities equipment from a TV or tablet, including lighting, heating, air conditioning and shutters.

* tablet only/**TV only.

How does it work?

Set up is simple. All you need is access to a TV and WiFi. Preprogrammed hardware is installed on site by our technical team. Browsing interfaces can be customized with the facility’s logo and colors.

Installation on TVs

An e-lio box and a webcam are connected directly to the resident’s TV. The device is connected to e-lio so all the available functions can be retrieved in an adapted menu and interfaces. A single, ergonomic remote control is provided for easy browsing.

On touchscreen tablet

The tablet supplied is pre-configured to guarantee access to the e‑lioConnect app. From their tablet, users can access all the e-lio services, while being able to browse the Internet freely and access other applications.

For families

Families can stay in touch with their loved ones in the care facility using the Our shared memories portal from a PC or with the free downloadable application.


Staff and providers can use the e-lioPro application for easy contact with seniors via their TV, video calls or messages.

Application for caregivers in nursing home

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