e-lioPro: an application for healthcare staff and caregivers

The application is an extension of the centralized e-lio system for healthcare professionals and caregivers that provides the facility with an in-house social network to optimize teamwork and communication.

Facility manager

The e-lioPro application simplifies management and communication with staff and providers.

Communication within the institution is optimized with memos, group messaging, video calls, and more.

Easy and precise creation of logins and user rights to make life easier while guaranteeing data security and privacy.

App for carers in nursing homes


Information at your fingertips when communicating with management, colleagues, stakeholders, and families.

The e-lioPro application for healthcare staff and caregivers simplifies operations and frees up time for caring for residents.

Messaging, video calls, and notifications reduce foot traffic and interruptions in everyday operations.

External providers

Healthcare staff and caregiver functions with additional customized access according to statuses configured by management.

Your facility doesn’t have a centralized information system?

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