Aged care facilities/nursing homes

Little newspaper for your facility

It’s easy to create a newsletter for your care facility for distribution to your residents or for free distribution in communal areas. You can even create a personalized version for your residents! Enhance social connection between residents and their families with automatic photo compilation and messaging in the application.

Facility newsletter

The newsletter can be fully customized for residents and their families. Give the little newspaper for your facility a personal touch with fully customizable options. News being broadcast elsewhere on screens and applications can also be used to save time and avoid double handling of data.


  • Fully customizable with your facility’s colors and logo.
  • Different layout models
  • Photos and free text
  • Connected content: menus, activity’s programs (no double handling)


Choose the frequency for your care facility newsletter: daily, weekly, or monthly for example. Your receive a notification when the PDF is automatically generated. It can be printed and placed in your facility with free access. It is also automatically available to families on their dedicated Family App.

A personalized newspaper for residents

e-lio makes communication smoother between residents and their loved ones. Families can use the Our shared memories application to show messages and photos in the resident’s personalized newspaper. Each little newspaper is generated automatically and can be accessed with the e-lioManager management tool. Care facility staff can print and distribute the printed edition to residents.


e-lio software automatically compiles messages and photos shared by the family with the resident to create a personalized newspaper. Layout can be customized, for example with a photo and the resident’s name on the cover. The number of pages is unlimited. Once completed, simply print the PDF version for distribution. Families can also consult the little newspaper in the Our shared memories application.

Note: The customized version can also feature facility content which can be uploaded with no double handling.


Families can add to the little newspaper directly using the Our shared memories application. Check out the other features available to families.

Application pour les familles pour communiquer avec les seniors

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